The Praga Cup UK goes virtual with new RaceRoom Drivers Pack

  • RaceRoom adds the Praga R1 to the global simulation gaming platform.

  • Includes 12 of the 2022 Praga Cup UK liveries, including designs by Frank Stephenson.

  • Accuracy and attention to detail deliver a realistic Praga experience.

  • Sim racers can now experience racing in a Praga as entries open for 2023 Praga Cup UK.

  • The RaceRoom Praga R1 is available from 14th December 2022.

14th December 2022, Prague/Manchester: The Praga R1 race car has become available to a global fanbase of sim racers following its introduction into RaceRoom as part of the latest Drivers Pack, released on Wednesday 14th December.

The new pack includes 12 liveries of the Praga R1 from the 2022 Praga Cup UK grid, including popular designs such as Gordie Mutch and Jimmy Broadbent’s championship-winning ‚Goldie 2.0‘, and the iconic blue, white and gold Praga livery designed by world famous car designer, Frank Stephenson.

RaceRoom is the worldwide leading free-to-play motorsport simulation for PC, allowing gamers access to international race series like ADAC GT Masters, DTM and WTCC, as well as world renowned race tracks, the best car manufacturers in the world dominating the world of motorsports, and now the Praga R1.

Mark Harrison, Praga Cars Sales and Marketing Director and CEO at Praga Cars UK said; “It’s great to see the 2022 Praga Cup UK grid on RaceRoom. 2022’s one-make R1 race series was both historic and memorable so it’s fitting that the occasion has been marked by RaceRoom’s commitment to put reality into the virtual, showing their enthusiasm for our brand. The R1 grid has been replicated with extraordinary attention to detail, and I’m sure the teams and drivers featured will be delighted to see their names and cars in-game.”

The Praga R1 already has a strong fanbase in the sim racing community through popular YouTuber and sim racing superstar Jimmy Broadbent, whose journey as a Praga factory driver took him ‚from sim to grid‘ in 2021, before going on to win the Praga Cup UK championship in 2022 with driving partner and mentor, Gordie Mutch.

„We know that simulations such as RaceRoom are used by motorsport fans, sim racers and real-world race drivers alike, not just for fun but as an important training tool. Jimmy Broadbent’s journey with Praga has been inspirational to many aspiring racing drivers and his work with RaceRoom in fine-tuning the in-game R1s dynamics means his experiences are now available to all,“ concludes Mark .

The RaceRoom Praga R1 was developed from official CAD data supplied by Praga combined with physical inspection of a Praga R1. RaceRoom also consulted Praga’s Product Specialist, and R1 racer, Chris Bridle, as well as Jimmy Broadbent and Gordie Mutch to enhance the accuracy of Pragas in game.


PR contact:

Lucy Burman
Communications Manager, Praga Cars UK